May 20, 2011

Advice: Good, Bad and Ugly...

I've had my ear bent this evening by my old friend the Viscount Bothends, who has condemned my posts on this blog as insufficiently rude, uncharacteristically serious, and therefore too far from the essence of my personality.  In short, dull.

He then asked me for advice on what to get his formidable but dear mother, Lady Brenda, for her forthcoming seventieth birthday.  My suggestions so far have included a framed picture of me, rollerblades, and a crossbow.

Subsequently, and up until the time of writing this post, he has severed all communications.  While I attempt to re-establish diplomatic relations, would any of you be able to offer any suggestions for a birthday present, not too expensive, for a seventy year-old woman?  (Who doesn't have much interest in in-line skating.)

Thanks.  I knew I could rely on you.


1 comment:

Viscount Bothends said...

Dear Surfer
GIven your efforts in trying to seek help for the birthday of Lady Brenda I am willing to reopen diplomatic relations.
However I would like to point out that if your current level of dullness does not reduce noticably in the coming weeks I will have no other choice than to close all channels of communication until you can stop being such a bore.
I sincerely hope that you will see the error in your ways and that i will LMAO again soon.
Viscount Bothends