May 21, 2011

Silence is Golden...Unless You Asked a Question...

Further to yesterday's post, an update:  Of the reported 283 visitors or visits to this site, and the eight followers so far, none have yet contributed a suggestion for Viscount Bothends' mother's seventieth birthday present.

In the mean time, his lordship has yet to re-establish any form of communication.  Or even become a follower of this blog.  Which is a bit off, really.

However, I have not been sitting idle.  My own febrile deliberations have added the following genius brainwaves to the list for Lady Brenda's forthcoming celebration:

- the complete works of William Burroughs

- gerbil

- taxidermy kit (not necessarily to be used in conjunction with the above, but worth being prepared...)

- vuvuzela

- Segway ("eat my dust, mobility scooters!")

- abstract painting by little-known visionary (e.g. below, although that one's sold)

- oxyacetylene welder

More thoughts, please?

1 comment:

Al Jamali Crusher said...

One colour Rubik's Cube (made in Dublin)