August 06, 2012

To Blog, Or Not To Blog...

My dear readers, peace be upon you all, and blessings in the holy month of Ramadhan.  It's me.  The Linoleum Surfer.  I'm still here.

As I've just mentioned on Facebook, it's been months since I logged into this account, and seeing the sweet messages from some of you asking for more posts, or just enquiring about my personal welfare, is really quite touching.  Hints at some mysterious conspiracy have appeared in comments I see, but I am happy to say that I have not been abducted and silenced by some mysterious and censorious agency!  My blog colleague Mr Mutt is closer to the truth - "you lazy Surfer"!  Fact is I've been very busy with other things, both personal and professional (although not, as Sami mentioned on Facebook, getting married - all in due course!).

But, to be honest, I'd also become a little disillusioned with the whole process.  Much as my ego enjoys provoking debate, spouting my sometimes obnoxious opinions to any audience prepared to hear them, and generally enjoying my freedom of speech, I had been starting to feel a slight loss of purpose.  Perhaps that's overstating the case, that I had any purpose in the first place other than self-expression.  "Direction" might be a better word.

Those who have read many of my previous posts, will have noticed that I have veered from politics to social comment, to cod philosophy, to religion, to satire, to anything else that might have popped into my head.  Some of you seem to like that diversity, but I've sometimes wondered if I make any sense at all, writing one day about some hideous tragedy like a civil war, and the next day indulging in a bit of cheap racial stereotyping in the name of humour.  Not that I'm against a bit of cheap racial stereotyping or indeed any other kind of humour - it's a fundamental element of my most treasured human relationships.  I just can't help but wonder if this digressions into lighter fare undermines more important things.  Of course, all good humour has some social or philosophical relevance too, but where to draw the line is my question to myself.

One way or another, literally hundreds of people have expressed a liking for this mish-mash of writing (and thank you, really, I'm flattered), many of those have commented and debated here, and perhaps thousands have read at least an article or two.  So something works.  That, on a personal level is gratifying, and why I am back to answer some requests I've received to write again.

But what to write?  That's really the question.  There are times when I've felt so angry and frustrated at something going on in the world - the hypocrisy for example, of leaders calling for peace in Syria while supplying arms to sectarian militias in the hope of starting a war - that I've been sickened to write about anything more trivial.  Knowing that there might be more people interested in an installment of "What Does It Mean To Be..." (Indian and Filipino were in my mind next, perhaps...), than in the shameless war-mongering bullshit of international leaders, left me feeling rather flat.

Still, here I am, and perhaps I need to get over myself.  There's always room for a bit of light and shade, and if people want to read this or that to fill their coffee breaks, I should be glad anyone wants to read what I write at all!  So on that note, I'd welcome your feedback, please:  what would you like me to write about, either as specific subjects or, better still, what kind of previous articles or sketches or whatever, have you valued?

Whatever it is, thank you for your support, and for wanting this back.  Love you too,


P.S.  I've just noticed that in around eight months of not writing anything, I've had many more page views than my initial six months of writing regularly.  Maybe I should stay quiet and become the Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson of the blogosphere - no better career move than ceasing to be, it seems!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, LS. As to what to write about next - I dont care so long as you write! I'd love to read your comments about Syria, racial stereotypes, whatever... they are all new views for me.

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Thank you! One thing I was considering, actually, was removing the option of commenting anonymously. I don't want to invade anyone's privacy (my own is important to me), but at least have a name to call people by online, to avoid confusion between "anonymouses". What do you think of that?!

Nadia said...

So yer alive, eh? I'm glad I didn't remove you from the blogroll on my page.

The Linoleum Surfer said...

So am I! Nice to see you. :)

AZ said...

What a great surprise! Welcome back (like Nadia I never removed you from my blogroll).

shanaz@RS said...

Phew, I'm so delighted that one of my favorite bloggers is back! I think you should write more of the same stuff that you did before. Anything that gets your mind of a thought-spinning spree. Welcome back TLS!

shanaz@RS said...

I mean, anything that gets you off on a thought-spinning spree. :)

lil-bee said...

Hey Zac!

(I refuse to believe you didn't know how to spell his name and spell it correctly ;P)

Ramadan Mubarak :D

And you know what .. its your space to do and not do what you want .. as a fickle beep, I can't exactly say hey you, don't go MIA again :P but you know ... just keep it open, drop in occasionally.

Indulge in the guilty human nature I think all of us have, and should have, but many of us are ashamed to indulge in ... which might be rage against people who spend Ramadan feasting like beasts, sending your heart, prayers and zakat out to those less needy while simultaneously fantasising about the food you're gonna eat this iftar! Who decided they should be mutually exclusive?!

Paradox ftw? :)

PS - Welcome back!

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Thanks all! (Bee - I then felt stupid and had to look it up and change it, but at least I got the reference, right?!)

Sarah AB said...

I would like to read a Syria post. Also - I first visited this blog because of some thought provoking comments you had made about (unintended, mild) anti-Muslim bigotry on a UK newspaper site. That kind of analysis is always interesting. Like others - I'm glad there was no sinister reason for your absence.

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Thanks for the feedback; I will write something!